Storhamar vs Manglerud Star 4-1 FINAL

(Foto: Fredrik Hagen)

January 11th 2018

Storhamar – Manglerud Star 4-1 (1-0, 2-1, 1-0)

The hosts won this scrappy affair quite comfortably even though the visitors were in it for the most part. Eirik Skadsdammen scored an emptynetter a minute before the end to kill it all.

Storhamar never came up to expected standard and seemed quite sloppy during most of the game. Lots of chances were wasted on faulty passing, puck handling and lack of focus, but luckily Oskar Östlund in net at the other end took care of business when needed. MS goalie Kristopher Joyce was high and low all night long and rescued his team out of numerous jams to keep the score close.

Simen Løvhaug Hansen opened up the scoring with a onetimer from the high slot in the first frame, nicely set up by Josh Nicholls. In the second act MS tied it in a powerplay when Steffen Ratejczak tipped in a shot from the circle. Martin Rønnild and Joakim Jensen sent the hosts into a two goal lead before the break, the Jensen goal a onetimer from the back door in a powerplay and the Rønnild goal a wrister from the high slot on the glove side.

Storhamar controlled the game in the third period and didn’t take too many chances. At the final buzzer another win was recorded for the books, but the game wasn’t one to remember for too long.