Solid Storhamar win vs Oilers

(Foto: Fredrik Hagen)

January 10th 2019

Storhamar vs Stavanger Oilers 4-0 FINAL
(3-0, 0-0, 1-0)

The first period in CC Amfi was dominated by a solid home team. Our blue dressed Yellows were on fire and took a solid three goal lead into the first break. Stavanger misused a couple of powerplays, and other than that it was Storhamar all the way. Victor Svensson broke the deadlock after six minutes with a wrister that found Henrik Holm’s south paw top corner on the glove side. Then Joel Johansson scored a pair quite similar ones, both shots from downtown, one of them deflected in by an Oiler and the other one straight in down low. Storhamar were better in all aspects and deserved the solid lead.

Stavanger had most of the run of play in the second act. Still it felt like Storhamar had control in D, Oskar Östlund was never really challenged. Henrik Holm also had an easier task than in the first stanza, it was more of a battle along the boards and in the neutral zone. Storhamar came higher towards the end of the frame, put some heavy pressure on and came close to increasing the lead. But Holm said no by racking up a couple of nice saves.

The home team controlled the third period with a solid defensive display. The Oilers created some opportunities every now and then, but Östlund stood tall when need be. Actually it was more action at the other end, and Steffen Thoresen beat Henrik Holm with a powerplay tap-in to make it 4-0. The crowd was buzzing, and the guys could celebrate a huge and solid win versus a top seed rival.