Storhamar lost in overtime

January 24th 2019

Frisk Asker vs Storhamar 4-3 FINAL OT
(0-1, 1-1, 2-1, 1-0)

The first period in Asker was a scrappy affair. Neither team managed to take control of the game, so it became more of a battle in the neutral zone and along the boards. A couple of chances were created both ways, and Oskar Östlund and Nicklas Dahlberg stood their ground when needed. Except for once, when Dahlberg was unlucky on a Joel Johansson shot from just inside the blueline. The Asker goalie’s save rebounded on a D-man in the slot and found its way into the net. Storhamar up by one. During the latter part of the frame, Storhamar invited the hosts back in it by taking no less than four minor penalties in a row, giving Frisk a full two minutes in a 5 on 3 powerplay, and then further along with 5 on 4. But the hosts couldn’t take advantage, and as they continued the 5 on 4, the horn went for the full 20 minutes seeing 47 seconds left on the powerplay.

The second act was totally different than the first and contained end-to-end stuff. Both teams racked up huge chances and both goalies broke liters of sweat. Two goals came out of it, one to each team, but it could have been many more. Frisk tied the game half way into the period when a brilliant powerplay backhand cross ice pass set up Endre Medby on the far post. Medby made no mistake and swept it home behind Östlund. It didn’t take long before Storhamar were back on top though. Youngster Jonathan Hafsmoe scored his first ever goal for the senior team when his shot from the circle deflected into the net by hitting a D-man’s skate. The goal came a couple of minutes after the Frisk goal, and the puck was given to Hafsmoe for safe keeping. The blue dressed visitors fed off the buzz of the goal and created a lot during the last part of the stanza, but Dahlberg was high and low to keep it at one. A home team goal was disallowed by the refs after video review, for high sticking, just a few minutes before the break. It looked like a correct decision.

Storhamar had most of the run of play in the third frame, but it was Frisk that came out on top by managing to send it to overtime. The hosts took it back to level terms seven minutes into it when Garreth Thompson’s volley from the side beat Östlund. Then Patrick Thoresen sent Storhamar back ahead when he was fed all alone in the low slot. The veteran beat Dahlberg blocker side. The visitors continued to create scoring chances, but somehow Dahlberg managed to keep them off. Three minutes before the buzzer Frisk tied it once again when Viktor Granholm scored from the side. Storhamar created some monstrous opportunities to win it during the last few minutes, but the hockey Gods had left them for the night. At times it seemed almost ridiculous how the «Yellows» could miss.

The waisting continued in the overtime period, and in stead Frisk stole it when Kyle Bonis’s wrap-around found its way across the goal line.