Storhamar tied the final series in Asker

April 11th 2019, playoff finals game 4 of 7

Frisk Asker vs Storhamar 1-5 FINAL
(1-2, 0-0, 0-3)

Storhamar took control from the get-go and got momentum in an early powerplay. Even though no goals were scored during the advantage, Patrick Thoresen sent the blue dressed Yellows ahead a few seconds after Frisk had full strength. Eirik Salsten sent the rubber into the slot from the left side, Patrick fell, but somehow he managed to score «Ovechkin» style to give his team a great start. The pressure continued, and in another powerplay Robin Dahlstrøm redirected a Kurt Davis pass through Dahlberg’s five-hole to double the lead. Another couple of Storhamar chances followed without lighting the lamp, and then, a give-away in the D-zone enabled Frisk to cut the lead in half when Petter Kristiansen was fed in the slot and beat Oskar Östlund glove side. It felt unnecessary, but nevertheless the hosts were right back in it. The rest of the frame was an evenly played affair, maybe seing the orange dressed «Tigers» one notch better. Östlund had to come up with a couple of brilliant saves towards the end when Frisk had a powerplay, and he held on to see his team being one up after the first twenty.

The second act had to be witnessed to believe what actually happened. Somehow it ended scoreless, unbelievably so, after some phantom goalkeeping on both sides. Östlund and Dahlberg racked up A+ saves one after the other, and the defencive display was almost non-existent from both sides. It was unreal to watch. As an example… Storhamar had total puck control in their own D with 10 seconds left of the stanza. 5 seconds later Frisk had missed a monstrous chance from the side, and in the aftermath Storhamar managed to get a 2+2 high stick penalty to start the third act almost 4 minutes being one man down. As earlier stated… you had to see it to believe it.

Storhamar played a solid boxplay and helf off the home team from challenging Oskar Östlund at all. And after the full strength, the Yellows took the game to Asker and were the better team. Some big chances were created without scoring, but in general the focus was to have a solid defence. As th clock ran down, the orange dressed hosts became more and more desperate, but in stead of Frisk feeding off their adrenaline, Christian Larrivée wanted it otherwise. The Storhamar veteran sent his team up by two with a wrister that beat Dahlberg blocker side. And what do you know… a minute later he doubled his scoring by hammering a blast from the high circle past the goalie to sement the win. The latter goal came just 3.30 before the horn, and Frisk could never recover. Mikael Dokken got an emptynetter during the dying seconds to make the final score 5-1 in favor of our boys.

A huge win on the road made sure of a tied up best-of-seven series (2-2), and we also took back the home ice advantage.