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October 14th 2017, regular season game 11

Lørenskog I.K. vs Storhamar Hockey 2-7 FINAL
(1-3, 1-2, 0-2)

Even though Storhamar had three major scratches from the roster this evening, Hampus Gustafsson (upper body), Kodie Curran (suspension) and Christian Larrivée (lower body), the home team had a much worse standing. According to their website six first team players were out for different reasons, a fact that of course would take its toe on the team quality. And it showed during the game.

The contest started quite even taking the run of play into consideration, but after a while the quality difference between the teams came to show. The visitors took more and more control as the minutes went along and started to capitalize on the chances as well. It ended in a seven goal showdown for Storhamar, and the hosts could only strike back twice to make the final score 2-7.

Two players had four points evenings. Lars Løkken Østli planted a couple of well known bombs into the net while adding a couple of helpers as well, and Mikael Zettergren had a goal and three assists. Patrick Thoresen also made his mark on the scoreboard by scoring twice in the middle act plus setting up Zettergren’s goal in the third. The other goals were scored by Eirik Skadsdammen and Robin Dahlstrøm.



October 11th 2017

3 game suspension for Kodie Curran

Kodie Curran and Tallak Lyngset in VIF Hockey had a «dance off» in the dying minutes of Sunday evening’s game, and both players were awarded Match penalties.

Today Storhamar were informed of Curran’s suspension awarded by DISU which is the Disciplinary committee for the GET league. Both players were awarded a 3 game suspension. The reasoning from DISU is that the fight was really tough containing huge risks for injuries to either player, the players fought without gloves and both guys were hitting towards the head/facial area. Fighting is prohibited in Norwegian ice hockey in general, the ice hockey Association wants fighting gone from the sport and the players have responsibilities in that regard as well.

Storhamar have accepted DISU’s decision and will take no further actions.

Kodie Curran will miss the upcoming games against Lørenskog away (Oct 14th), Stjernen on home ice (Oct 19th) and Frisk Asker away (Oct 22nd). He will be eligible for the game against Stavanger Oilers in Stavanger Tuesday Oct 24th.


October 8th 2017, regular season game 10

Storhamar Hockey vs VIF Hockey 5-1 FINAL
(4-1, 0-0, 1-0)

Storhamar lay grounds for a comfortable win against their main rivals from Oslo by playing a brilliant first period. The Yellows scored four during the first act and VIF could only manage one. It started with a Robin Dahlstrøm ripper from the slot a bit over a minute into it. Then Joakim Jensen doubled the lead almost at the half way point followed up by Victor Svensson breaking his goal scoring deadlock just a minute later. VIF managed to lure one in behind Oskar Östlund 1.20 before the end of the period, but in stead of feeding from the goal scoring buzz VIF let the hosts put one more on the board 30 seconds before the break, Dahlstrøm’s second of the evening.

Storhamar couldn’t keep up the high level for the rest of the game, but the win was never threatened. Huge chances were wasted in offence though, but Steffen Søberg guarding the visitor’s pipes said no every single time. Temperature arose on the ice towards the end of the game, and a huge brawl came out of it which sent four players into the showers, two from each team. For Storhamar it was Kodie Curran and Martin Rønnild who stood their ground, and for VIF it was Tallak Lyngset and Martin Lauman Ylven. The duo Curran/Lyngset were awarded Match penalties for their troubles while Rønnild/Lauman Ylven settled for game misconducts. Kodie Curran is thereby out for a number of games yet to be decided.

The hosts managed to lift the roof once more, in a powerplay at the final minute mark. A tic-tac-toe from Patrick Thoresen, Victor Svensson and Kjetil Martinsen ended in an open net from Marthinsen’s stick, a sweet game, set, match in front of a 5000+ crowd.



October 5th 2017, regular season game 9

Storhamar Hockey vs Manglerud Star 7-3 FINAL
(2-1, 1-0, 4-2)

Three players having a 3 point night lifted Storhamar to a comfortable win against Manglerud. Christian Larrivée (2+1), Patrick Thoresen (1+2) and Kodie Curran (0+3) were all on fire, and when the 3-1 goal finally came after lots of wasted chances, the «ketchup bottle» effect came to show.

Kjetil Marthinsen opened up the scoring early in the first period, and Mikkel Søgaard doubled the lead half way into it. It seemed like a one team show, but suddenly MS stroke back five minutes later, by Sander Boroczky, to cut the lead in half.

The middle act was actually quite evenly played and both teams had their fair share of opportunities to make changes to the scoreboard. Robert Hestmann guarding the home team net really had to stand tall to keep his goal clean, and the Oslo native delivered the goods. When it seemed to end scoreless, Patrick Thoresen found Christian Larrivée in the crease for a close range goal just before the second break. Maybe that goal was to be the game killer, cause Storhamar scored three more in the first half of the third inning. The first of the three was a tap-in from Patrick Thoresen that put the game out of reach for MS. Mikael Zettergren followed up by hitting nothing but net fed by a great Patrick Thoresen dish, and then a bomb from Larrivée found its target from down town. It was goodbye to Manglerud.

The visitors managed to pick it up a bit after a time-out after Storhamar’s sixth goal, and at the same time the hosts had switched off the ON button… so the visitors managed to score a couple unaswered goals to cut the Yellows’s lead to three. The goals were scored by Mathias Trygg and Christer Simonsen. But «Star» couldn’t get any closer, and Christian Bull finished it all with an emptynetter 30 seconds before the buzzer to make the final score 7-3.



September 30th 2017, regular season game 8

Kongsvinger Knights vs Storhamar Hockey 1-6 FINAL
(0-3, 1-2, 0-1)

Storhamar won comfortably in Kongsvinger by opening up a three goal cushion during the first period. Kodie Curran, Eirik Skadsdammen and Robin Dahlstrøm were the scorers. The Yellows stepped off the gas a bit in the rest of the game but still managed to create a lot of scoring chances. Three more goals came out of it, twice by Dahlstrøm in the second frame to get his hat-trick, and Martin Rønnild ending the scoring in the third. Kongsvinger managed to beat Oskar Östlund just once, when Michell Theoret found a hole to break the deadlock. It became an easy win for Storhamar, a good three points and some confidence to go with it.



September 26th 2017, regular season game 7

Sparta Warriors vs Storhamar Hockey 3-2 FINAL
(2-1, 0-1, 1-0)

Sparta took all three point in this tightly played affair. The hosts were the better team in the first inning, and Storhamar felt a bit fortunate to be only one behind after the period. Two well deserved Sparta goals sent them ahead, by Greg Wolfe and Magnus Nilsen. But Kodie Curran managed to tip one in to cut the lead in half before the break. The Yellows were better in the middle act and could take it back at level terms when Mikael Zettergren hammered home the equalizer from the left circle. The third period was gritty, lots of emotion and lots of tackles. A powerplay for the home team was to be decisive as Troy Rutkowski got the game winner with a wrister into the top corner. Oscar Östlund in net couldn’t do anything with that one. The Yellows produced some half chances towards the end, but Sparta could hold on for the win.



September 24th 2017, regular season game 6

Storhamar Hockey vs Stavanger Oilers 4-0 FINAL
(1-0, 2-0, 1-0)

Storhamar won this one quite comfortably. Except from the first five minutes from the get-go, which also included an Oiler powerplay, the Yellows were the better team. The hosts dominated in every aspect of the game, and the numbers on the scoreboard could have been even higher.

Mikael Zettergren opened up the scoring half way into the opening act when his shot from close range found the net after a rebound from a Patrick Thoresen backhander. The «Larrivée line» followed up the leading goal by scoring twice in the middle frame, first by a nice deflection by Joakim Jensen, assisted by Larrivée, and then a reverse when «Larry» capitalized on Jensen’s cross ice dish at the end of an odd man rush. Martin Rønnild could cement the win in the third period when he came all alone with Stavanger goalie Henrik Holm, and the Fredrikstad native’s shot found nothing but net. At the other end of the ice Oskar Östlund didn’t have too much to do in this game, but the big Swede took care of business when needed and could record his first shut-out of the season.

The Oilers seem to struggle these days, but make no mistake about it, the reigning Champions will surely raise their performances in the upcoming weeks to fight their way back towards the top of the league.